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About ILLUME® Candles

The Tale of a Bright Idea Artisan Craftsmanship and a Commitment to Style Lead Candle Maker’s Brand Heritage ILLUME began in the mid 1990’s as a small, trendy boutique in the heart of Los Angeles. The vision was a simple one – “in this fast paced world in which we live, wouldn’t it be wonderful to remind people to stop and smell the roses, or something that smells just as good?” With this purpose as a guiding principal, ILLUME set out to create some of the best scents around. InStyle magazine reported that ILLUME was “discovered” by actress Melanie Griffith who purchased 120 gift baskets featuring ILLUME candles. Word traveled and ILLUME became a popular destination for other celebrity candle aficionados including Barbra Streisand, Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore and other Hollywood style makers. During this period of time, the candle market boomed as more and more consumers recognized the beauty and therapeutic benefits of incorporating candles within the design of their personal living spaces.

As a result, ILLUME was at the forefront of defining the next generation of premier candles, mastering the art of hand-poured candle production and catering to a growing market of increasingly savvy candle connoisseurs. The brand built its reputation on unique and exquisite fragrances, trend-setting colors, and high-performing candle products that would burn longer, cleaner and more efficiently, raising the bar for quality and setting a new standard for the industry.

ILLUME continues to burn brightly into its 10th innovative year, touting its trademark pillars and producing such new products as the His & Hers collection; the first candles whose individual scents combine to create the perfect fusion of masculine and feminine fragrance.

Today ILLUME candles and accessories can be found in over 4,500 gift shops, fine department stores and specialty retailers nationwide as well as through select, private label programs.

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