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Colonial Candles

For more than 100 years, Colonial Candle has been burning brightly in the homes of America. Their candle story begins in 1905 with Mabel Baker, a former Massachusetts school teacher, who began making hand dipped bayberry taper candles in her tiny Cape Cod kitchen. The candles became so popular with family and friends that she started selling them in her husband's local hardware store. By 1909, many stores in the Cape Cod area were selling Mrs. Baker's candles and Colonial Candle was officially in business. Recognized as the first candle company started by a woman, Colonial Candle is still proudly made in the USA. Today, they produce all of their candles in North Carolina with the same pride and craftsmanship established over a century ago. From the mixing of their fragrance with color and wax to the perfect wick, every candle is made to exact specifications. Their signature oval jars truly set Colonial Candles apart providing an understated sophistication and a cleaner, more even burn.

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