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Beanpod Candles™ Soy BasicsTM

You’ve experienced many different candles. But when you light Beanpod Candles™, you’ll discover a distinct difference. 100% stabilized soy wax. Not the so-called ‘soy’ candle that is actually a soy and paraffin blend. Just real soy wax. That’s simply wonderful.

Discover Beanpod Candles. Created for discerning candle consumers like yourself who seek a safer, non-polluting candle that keeps home and environment beautiful.

Soy wax is:

biodegradable environmentally friendly water soluble for easy clean up non-toxic made with homegrown soybeans and supports America’s farmers 

Soy wax does:

burn at a low temperature, providing you with long burn times and, therefore, greater value burn clean, leaving minimal wax residue on the sides of the jar, thanks to our acclaimed clean-burning technology 

Soy wax won’t:

produce the petroleum-based paraffin black soot residue known as “ghosting” on furnishings or walls release noxious petroleum pollutants

Light a Beanpod Candle and Transform a Space, a Moment, a Mood

It begins with soybeans. Simple. Plentiful. Biodegradable. Beanpod Candles. Made from this natural, renewable energy source that’s grown right here in America. One of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed in a whole new way.

A beautiful, fragrant candle that is clean and healthy for the environment, made with an all-cotton wick. Candles created with our patent-pending Tempacure™ process that gives you rich fragrances and colors that last from first light to final flame. Colors and fragrances that are unmatched in the industry.

Earth friendly. Beanpod Candles are made from 100% stabilized soy wax so you can be sure there won’t ever be any petroleum-paraffin by-products in our wax. At Beanpod, we take pride in using real soy wax. Giving you a clean candle is something other large candle makers wish they could do.

Quality. It has to endure. And with Beanpod Candles it does. You’ll discover it the moment you see a Beanpod Candle’s bright color and breathe in its rich scent. More than 60 fragrances. Candles proudly made in Iowa with the very best ingredients.

Imagine. A bit of indulgence that fits anywhere in your home. Transform a room into your retreat. Unwind after a busy day with fragrances and colors that help you relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Remember… if it doesn’t say “100% stabilized soy wax,” it’s not a Beanpod Candle. You deserve only the best!

Beanpod Candles History

Soy Basics got its start in 2000. Since that time we have revolutionized the way candles are made as the only manufacturer of 100% stabilized soy wax candles. Our exclusive innovations – including the patent-pending Tempacure™ process – are at the very heart of why Beanpod was founded: to create top-quality, homegrown products that make a positive difference in people's lives. In fact, every Beanpod you buy helps to support the American farmer and provide another source of income to the U.S. economy.

We proudly pour our candles in New Hampton, Iowa, the nation's heartland of soybean growers. The warmth of each candle reflects the hometown hospitality and strong, Midwestern work ethic of our town, a tightly-knit community of less than 4,000 residents. From our customer service representatives, to the plant manager, to our associates and distributors, our passion for quality and total customer satisfaction is never-ending.

Clean Candle. Natural Home. Pure Splendor.

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