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Root Candles

Root Candles are some of the finest quality candles we offer at Candles to My Door. We can't say enough about their quality and value! Since 1869, Root has perfected their candle line offering only the most premium candles on the market today.

Root Candles are sensational high quality candles known for their innovative beeswax blend. Dynamic bouquets of subtle fragrance combinations are uniquely woven into Root Candles making them a must-have, both for you and your friends!

Seeking Balance 6.5 oz. Candles by Root
Root Candle Closeouts
New Releases By Root
22 oz. Queen Bee Root Candles
7 oz. Small Veriglass Candle by Root
NEW! - Honey Blends 13 oz Glass Candle with Gift Box
Vanille Infusions Limited Edition Candles by Root
20-Hour Votives by Root
NEW! - Seeking Balance 3-Pack Votive
Seeking Balance Wax Melts by Root
Grecian Pillar by Root
Timberline Pillar by Root
Dinner Candles by Root
CLEARANCE! - Holiday Candles by Root